About Us

Communications and Learning

Our solutions include:
  • E-learning consulting services
    • Blended Learning Strategy
    • E-learning strategy and Return On Investment (ROI) modeling
    • Custom Curriculum Development
    • Skill gap assessment and need analysis
  • E-learning content production
    • Custom instructional design and storyboarding
    • Cost effective rich media content development (video production, audio production, Flash animations, simulations, games and quizzes)
    • Three levels of interactivity: rapid learning format, mid level interactivity and high level interactivity
  • Implementation and e-communications
    • ┬áSCORM/AICC compliant content implementation
    • Project Implementation Strategies, including communication plan, job aides, orientation
    • LMS integration and sourcing of LMS solutions
    • Authorized Adobe reseller, and Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional experts

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