Business Case
Continuum's Approach

Continuum’s overall approach to all e-learning content design is guided by four principles that should be applied to modern technology-based learning environments (cited by Hedberg 2003):
  1. Learning is an active and engaged process.
  2. Learning is the process of constructing knowledge
  3. Learners are focused on thinking skills rather than working on the “right answer the teacher wants.”
  4.  Learning involves “social negotiation”…challenge their thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and existing knowledge by collaboration with other students.
We employ the following methodologies in creating e-learning:
  • Recognized e-learning training practices and standards, with the “inform and perform” e-learning goal.
  • Use the methodology of evidence-based decision-making, tracking the training and feedback.
  • We use research gathered from learners in field tests and apply the research collected to the updates and future modules.
  • Employ options that include a feedback survey directly in the training that learners can complete after they have completed the e-learning modules. The results can be categorized by user and by question.

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