Business Case

  • Translates into strategic alignment between strategic alignment between organizational priorities and the workforce within the organization through knowledge sharing.
  • Virtual intimacy and proximity creates a sense of connectedness in mission, purpose, and strategy among employees irrespective of geography, division, or function.

  • Translates into increased awareness.
  • Employee success derives in part from clear, consistent, and successful communications throughout an organization.
  • Effective and productive employees need to know about their job, the intentions of the company, and the goals of the department…

  • Translates into formal acquisition of skills development.
  • Delivering e-training means saved time, reduced expenses, and leverages skills of specialized talent to larger numbers across an organization.
  • Translates into skills.
  • Extends the opportunity for self-mastery and for self-paced learning.
  • Offers a means to determine the efficiency of the knowledge-dissemination effort across an organization.
  • Metrics generated through the assessment process are the basis for individual and organizational success
  • Translates into career development.
  • Employees value objective metrics that enable them to demonstrate competency and the ability to demonstrate to a wider audience than their manager.
  • Consistent metrics in the evaluation process means employees have greater opportunities for advancement, promotion, and recognition.

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